HOW CAN Lenovo Smart Office Services HELP ME?

Smart Office Services is all about ensuring we help your clients by providing the right high-quality value-adding services to complement Lenovo’s collaboration devices.

Leveraging the Smart Office Services team for pre-sales engagements and interactive demonstrations ensures that our time-saving process will help users get up to speed quickly and easily.

Ultimately, helping clients deploy the right solution the first-time shortens the technical sales cycle leading to increased customer satisfaction and more profitable engagements.

WHEN DO I ENGAGE Smart office services?

Smart Office Services is here to help Lenovo clients accelerate the adoption of ThinkSmart Hub 500 devices with purpose-built services.  

Contact Smart Office Services with anything related to Skype for Business, Teams or other collaboration solution issues. Virtually anything non-hardware specific that connects to or works with the ThinkSmart Hub 500 including everything from pre-sales services and advice to post-sales support. 


Each request is logged into our ticketing system which will allow you to monitor the ongoing progress of the ticket. When creating an engagement, you can specify the maximum hours you want to allocate to a client, receive an estimate of how long a job may take, as well as choose between virtual or physical services.  

Our response to your request will be serviced via chat or via our ticketing system, during local business days within 24 hours.

WHEN DO I NOT USE Smart Office Services?

For all client troubleshooting, contact Lenovo Premier Support.  If the issue is related to the hardware, Lenovo Premier Support will work to resolve the issue.  If a software or network related issue is found, Smart Office Services will work with the client to assess and troubleshoot the device.


Smart Office Services supports clients with ThinkSmart Hub 500 including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Office 365, Azure, and Active Directory.

With multi-lingual techs around the globe we are ready to immediately handle live support via instant messaging at anytime and anywhere within local business hours between 8am to 5pm. We support a range of languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin and Japanese.


Lenovo personnel can get started immediately by purchasing prepaid virtual hours.  

Virtual hours can be purchased in blocks from 25 to 200 (significant volume discounts apply) and consumed as required to assist with client technology adoptions. Virtual hours can also be utilized for physical onsite services. 

Even if the exact services required for clients are not known at the time of purchase, all ongoing usage is tracked on your behalf for you to monitor. Commence client pre-sales engagements today.

Contact us to get started.