92% of businesses are planning workplace transformation initiatives (WTI) to build smart offices that enhance individual and collaborative work experiences for local and remote users.



Configuring ThinkSmart Hubs within existing IT infrastructure requires the type of collaboration technology knowledge that Smart Office Services specialize in. We will prepare the right server configurations and educate the IT teams onsite to ensure easy deployment. From group policy to resource accounts, we're prepared and able to ensure a smooth client experience. 

asset management

Following industry best practices for asset management we provide clear guidance on how best to add all ThinkSmart Hubs and related devices into existing asset databases including their matched accounts and assigned devices.


Engineers will provide clear records of what has been done, what needs to be done and recommendations for what should be done for all ThinkSmart Hub deployments to ensure effective and fast integrations.  Documentation can be accessed from our secure cloud service or we can send through to the authorized requesting parties directly.